Best winter beauty tips

Best winter beauty tips

Winter is a season that is subject to some inconvenient for our bodies. They especially suffer from the consequences of the cold season , as well as our skin, hair, lips, hands and feet, and nails . Fortunately, cosmetic problems caused by the cold can always be treated. than dry skin. If you haven’t already put them on the other side, these 5 tips will help you live in peace all winter long. And next winter!

Small tea bags to relieve chapped lips

My lips were also cracked when I put on the perfume. In winter, lips are common. Not only hurt, but also unpleasant. So, for chapped lips after a winter walk, start by brewing your favorite tea or infusion. After cooling the tea bag used at that time, cracked lips. Tea goes tannins Fix and relieve your lips.

Oatmeal bath to avoid dry skin

Oatmeal contains a very good moisturizer and protects the skin in winter. If you don’t want to have the brand anymore, take a bath in winter as your skin will dry out after drying. Oatmeal three times a week. To do this, simply run Stir in a hot bath with 4 oatmeal at a time. Let sit for 10 minutes and take a bath.

Moisturize your skin immediately after shower or bath

It is included in moisturizing lotions or oils to help keep the skin moisturized. After shower or bath:

  • Wipe the skin and do not dry it completely.
  • Apply a moisturizer to your skin, slightly damp.

Protect your hair from the cold with coconut oil

Coconut oil is Godok oil. It also protects the face and nails as well as the skin. However, some skin types are intolerant. In fact, it avoids acne or oily skin . However, you can use a thin layer of coconut oil for whatever type of hair your hair protects from the cold in winter.

Select exfoliation and peeling

Exfoliation is a very important ritual that we must apply to the skin two or three times a month. But not in winter. Not the best beauty rituals. In fact, the scrub can exfoliate already dry skin from the winter cold. Therefore, in winter, do not erase the skin and remove the makeup correctly. Peel every 15 days every evening.

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