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Charaka Shareera Sthana sixth Chapter Shareera Vichayam Shaareeram

sixth chapter of Charaka Shareera sthana offers with “data of the main points of the Physique”. The chapter title is Shareera Vichayam Shaareeram.

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Structure of Physique

We will now expound the chapter on ‘data of the main points of the Physique” as conducive to its understanding. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [1-2]

Utility of the detailed data of physique

Detailed data of physique:
Detailed data of the human physique is conducive to the wellbeing of the person. Understanding of the elements that represent the physique gives data concerning the elements that are liable for its wellbeing. It’s due to this that consultants reward the data of the main points of the physique (and demand that one has an intensive data of the identical). [3]

Composition of physique – outcomes of their concordance and discordance

The physique which is maintained in a state of equilibrium represents the conglomeration of things derived from 5 Mahabhutas and that is the location of manifestation of consciousness. When Dhatus on this physique turns into conflicting then there may be illness or destruction (of the physique). Aggravation or diminution of dhatus both partially or of their entirety constitutes this discordance. [4]

Dhatus having mutually reverse qualities bear improve and reduce concurrently. A factor which will increase a specific Dhatu can be liable for the lower of the Dhatu having reverse high quality. [5]
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Sustaining equilibrium of Dhatus is the article of therapy

Due to this fact, medical therapies when correctly administered concurrently deliver each the decreased and elevated Dhatus to their regular state by lowering the elevated ones and rising the decreased ones. [6]

Upkeep of equilibrium of Dhatus

Whereas administering therapies and likewise whereas resorting to regimens for the upkeep of optimistic well being equilibrium of Dhatus is looked for because the ‘finish outcome’.
Even wholesome individuals ought to correctly use healthful meals with applicable style and attributes and likewise meals processed correctly with an intention to keep up the equilibrium of Dhatus.
After taking the meals dominated by specific attributes, it’s fascinating to neutralize their results by resorting to the regimens that are contradictory to them. [7]
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Directions for sustaining equilibrium

Equilibrium of dhatus gives optimistic well being. To take care of this equilibrium one ought to comply with the under talked about advices –

  • One ought to correctly resort to such actions and take such meals that are opposite to the locality, season and bodily structure of the person. For instance, one ought to bask in sleep whereas residing in a desert; one ought to resort to train throughout the spring season; a person with a fatty physique ought to resort to train and vigil in extra.
  • One ought to chorus from extreme utilization, flawed utilization and non-utilization of the time, mind and objects of senses.
  • One shouldn’t suppress manifested urges and
  • One ought to chorus from exhibiting energy past one’s actual capability. [8]

Meals and Dhatus

Dhatus (tissue parts) contained in the physique of the person get elevated by the ordinary use of meals preparations that are both of comparable attributes or are dominated by such attributes. Routine use of meals having reverse qualities or having the dominance of such reverse qualities reduces the Dhatus. [9]
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Attributes of Dhatus within the Physique

Guru (heaviness)
Laghu (lightness)
Shita (coldness)
Usna (warmth)
Snigdha (unctuousness)
Ruksa (roughness)
Manda (dullness)
Tiksna (sharpness)
Sthira (immobility)
Sara (mobility / stream)
Mrdu (softness)
Kathina (hardness)
Visassa (non sliminess)
Picchila (sliminess)
uksma (minuteness)
Sthula (bulkiness, stoutness)
Sandra (density) and
Drava (liquidity)
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These are the twenty attributes of physique tissues which account for his or her improve or lower. By the ordinary use of heavy meals preparations the Dhatus that are heavy (having heaviness attribute / high quality) get elevated, and people that are gentle (having lightness attribute / high quality) get decreased. Equally by the continued use of lighter meals the tissues that are gentle get elevated and the tissues that are heavy get decreased.
Equally, all Dhatus get elevated by means of substances having related properties and get decreased by means of these having reverse properties. Following the identical precept – by consumption of meat the muscle tissues within the physique would improve compared to the opposite tissues. Equally blood tissue will increase by blood, adipose tissue would improve by fats, consumption of muscle fats will increase the identical tissue i.e. muscle fats, consumption of cartilage will increase bone tissue, the bone marrow tissue would improve on consumption of bone marrow, semen would improve on consumption of semen and the foetus would improve by consumption of amagarbha i.e. immature foetus resembling an egg. [10]
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Administration of components having predominance of attributes

  • If a specific tissue ingredient is to be elevated and the homologous dietary articles can’t be taken due to their non-availability, hateful disposition or every other trigger, then meals preparations of various nature however having the predominance of the attributes of the Dhatu to be promoted must be used. (Sure examples on this connection are given under)
  • When there’s a deficiency of semen, milk, ghee and such different substances identified to be candy, unctuous and chilly must be administered with a view to advertise.
  • For treating a affected person affected by the diminution of urine, sugarcane juice, Varuni kind of wine, Manda (skinny gruel) liquid issues and substances having candy, saline and bitter tastes and of sticky nature are to be administered.
  • For treating a affected person affected by the diminution of feces, Kulmasha (paste of barley blended up with scorching water and barely boiled in order from a cake), Masha (Phaseolus Radiatus Linn), Kuskunda (Mushroom), Ajamadhya (center portion of the goat consisting of intestines and different belly viscera), yava (barley), leafy greens and Dhanyamla (bitter fermented liquor from rice gruel) ought to give.
  • For the therapy of sufferers affected by the diminution of Vata, substances having pungent, bitter an astringent tastes and dry, gentle and cooling property must be administered.
  • For the therapy of affected person affected by the diminution of Pitta, substances having bitter, saline and pungent tastes and alkaline, scorching and sharp properties must be administered and
  • For the therapy of sufferers affected by the diminution of Kapha, substances having candy style, unctuous, heavy, dense and slimy properties must be administered.
  • Even all these actions which might improve these dhatus must be resorted to. Equally different Dhatus also needs to be both elevated or decreased by the administration of homologous and non- homologous substances in applicable time. Thus the elements which improve of lower all of the Dhatus are described – some Dhatus are individually described and for remaining Dhatus, the precept laid down right here must be utilized. [11]

Components liable for progress of physique

The next elements are liable for the expansion of the physique in its entirety. 

  1. Alternative; for instance, youth is the right time for the expansion of the person. Throughout younger age, it’s the specificity of the time which is liable for the expansion of the person.
  2. Beneficial disposition of the character; for instance, outcomes of the unseen (previous) actions are additionally liable for the expansion of particular person’s physique
  3. Excellence of the properties of meals and
  4. Absence of inhibiting elements; for instance, extreme indulgence in intercourse and psychological affliction inhibits the expansion of the person’s physique [12]
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Components liable for promotion of energy

The next elements are liable for the promotion of energy:

  • Start in a rustic the place individuals are naturally sturdy;
  • Start at a time when individuals naturally acquire energy
  • Beneficial disposition of time (nice and average local weather)
  • Excellence of the qualities of the seed (sperm) and Ashaya (ovum and uterus) of the dad and mom;
  • Excellence of the ingested meals
  • Excellence of the physique
  • Excellence of the Satmya (wholesomeness of assorted elements liable for the upkeep of the physique)
  • Excellence of the thoughts
  • Beneficial disposition of the character
  • Train and
  • Cheerful disposition [13]
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Components liable for transformation of meals

Warmth (Pitta), Vata (air, wind), moisture, unctuousness, time of digestion and applicable administration – these elements are liable for the transformation (digestion, assimilation and metabolism) of meals. [14]

Particular actions of reworking elements

Components described within the above verse that are mentioned to be liable for transformation (digestion, assimilation and metabolism) carry out the next particular motion:

  • Pitta (warmth) digests
  • Vata transports meals nearer to Pitta for digestion
  • Moisture loosens the meals particles
  • Unctuousness softness the components
  • Time deliver concerning the maturity of the method of digestion and
  • Applicable administration of meals brings about equilibrium of Dhatus [15]
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Transformation of attributes

In the course of the strategy of transformation, the attributes of meals components assume the attributes of (or turn out to be homologous with) such of the tissue parts of the physique as usually are not contradictory on nature. When they’re contradictory, properties of 1 act towards the opposite throughout the strategy of interplay ensuing within the decay of the physique [16]

Two classes of bodily attributes

Attributes of the physique are once more of two classes, viz. Prasada (pure substance) and Mala (impurities). Of them, these which trigger obstruction or troubles within the physique are known as as mala. Substances that are produced in numerous orifices and channels of the physique, that are divergent varieties and are within the strategy of being eliminated out of the physique, the wastes / putrefied supplies of the eyes, ears and nostril, the blood and different tissues which have gotten suppurated and have acquired the type of pus, vitiated Vata, Pitta and Kapha and such different substances which whereas current within the physique causes its destruction belong to this class.
All of them come underneath the class of Mala (impurities) and the remaining is Prasada (Pure substance). The latter (prasada) are categorised into seven classes i.e. the tissues starting with Rasa (plasma) and ending with Shukra (semen). They are often categorised into twenty classes on the idea of their attributes starting with Gurutva (heaviness) and ending with Dravatva (fluidity). Due to this fact the seven tissues and twenty attributes (qualities) when are in a state of stability and never producing the ailments are thought of as prasada bhaga i.e. pure substances of the physique. [17]
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Vitiation by Doshas

Of all these, Vata, Pitta and Kapha naturally have the capability to vitiate issues (tissues of the physique). When these doshas get vitiated by exogenous elements they’d vitiate the opposite parts of the physique (together with the tissues).

Indicators and signs of the vitiation of assorted Dhatus in several instances have already been described within the 28th chapter of Sutra part. Such are the manifestations of the vitiated Doshas once they are available contact with the tissue parts of the physique.
When in regular state, Vata and so on; are liable for the upkeep of the well being of the person. So a clever man ought to attempt to maintain the doshas of their regular state. [18]

The doctor, who’s at all times conversant with the varied facets of all the physique, can be very proficient in Ayurveda – which might bestow happiness and well being to all the universe. [19]
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Question about foetus

Whereas Lord Atreya was imparting the above directions, Agnivesha requested, “We’ve got heard your expositions on the physique.  Now we wish to hear the next:
Which of the organs of the foetus is manifested first within the pelvis of the mom?
The place does the face of the foetus lie within the uterus and what posture does it preserve inside?
By which meals is it nourished and the way does it come out?
What are the meals and regimens that are liable for its instant dying after start?
What are the elements that assist in the expansion of the foetus with none illness?
Whether or not the ailments afflicting the foetus is brought on by Gods and so on or not?
What’s your opinion concerning the well timed or premature dying of the foetus?
What’s the span of its life? and
What elements are liable for the upkeep of the lifespan? “[20]

Views of Sages about ‘organs to be shaped first’ in a foetus

Lord Punarvasu Atreya replied to Agnivesha, “Within the fourth chapter of this part coping with the formation of embryo, the way during which the foetus is shaped within the uterus of the mom and the mode of manifestation of its numerous organs are already described. However there are numerous sorts of controversies on such issues amongst all of the sages who’re authors within the topic. They’re enumerated under:

Sl No Identify of the sage Opinion concerning the primary organ of the foetus shaped / manifested
1 Kumarashira Bharadvaja noticed that the top of the foetus is first manifested within the uterus as a result of it’s the receptacle of all sense organs
2 Kankayana, the doctor from Bahlika, coronary heart being the receptacle of consciousness is first shaped
3 Bhadrakapya Nabhi (umbilicus) is first shaped because it serves the means to supply nourishment to the foetus
4 Bhadrashaunaka rectum situated close to the colon is first shaped since that is the location for Vata
5 Badisa palms and ft are first shaped being the devices of the person for his actions
6 Janaka of Videha sense organs being the receptacles of senses are first shaped
7 Marici Kasyapa it’s not doable to make any assertion about first formation of any organs as they can’t be noticed immediately
8 Dhanvantari all of the organs are shaped concurrently

The view of Dhanvantari is appropriate as all of the organs like coronary heart and so on. are (really) shaped concurrently. In accordance with Atreya, it’s true that the center is the origin of all organs and the receptacle of sure phenomena. So the formation of all different organs doesn’t happen earlier than the formation of the center. So, all these organs like coronary heart and so on are shaped concurrently. All phenomena are in actual fact inter-dependent. So the view of Dhanvantari is quiet appropriate and must be acceptable by all. [21]
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Posture of the foetus

The foetus lies within the uterus with its face in direction of the again of the mom, head upwards and limbs folded and wrapped up by the placenta. [22]

Thirst and starvation of foetus

The foetus is free from thirst and starvation. It’s dependent upon the mom for all its actions. It lives upon the nourishment by the method of Upasneha (exudation) and Upasveda (conduction of warmth). A few of its organs are effectively manifested and a few others usually are not so. It attracts nourishment by the method of exudation generally by way of the holes within the hair follicles and generally by way of the channels of umbilical twine.
The umbilical twine of the foetus is connected to the umbilicus and the placenta to the umbilical twine. The placenta is in flip related with the center of the mom. The center of the mom floods the placenta (with nourishment) by the pulsating vessels. This rasa (nutritive fluid) promotes energy and complexion of the foetus as a result of it’s composed of all of the tastes.
Rasa (digestive product of meals) of the pregnant girl serves three functions i.e. 

  1. Nourishment of her personal physique
  2. Lactation and
  3. Progress and improvement of the foetus being supported by that meals

The foetus that’s dependent upon the mom retains residing inside (the uterus). [23]
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Means of supply

In the course of the time of supply, the foetus turns its head downloads by advantage of the Prasuti Maruta (Vayu which regulates the method of ship) and will get delivered by way of the vaginal path. That is the conventional scenario. Conditions apart from this represent abnormality. After supply the kid is free in its motion. [24]

Components liable for correct progress of foetus

The food plan and routine described within the 8th chapter of this part, if adopted, promotes the expansion of foetus with out inflicting any morbidity.
The identical food plan and regimens inappropriately administered may destroy the foetus instantly after start because the wind and solar destroy a planted tree whose roots usually are not but firmly established. [25-26]
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Justifications for the existence of ailments brought on by divine displeasure

Can ailments within the foetus be brought about because of the displeasure of Gods and different divine entities?

It may be doable. The explanations / proofs are as talked about under –

  • The outline of the identical has been given by the clever individuals and authors in numerous treatises
  • Sight of surprising occasions like super- pure energy, data, attraction and so on
  • Particular nature of the etiologic, indicators, signs and therapy and
  • There are particular ailments which don’t correspond to the aggravation of any of those Doshas [27]

Well timed and Premature dying

Our views on the existence and non-existence of well timed and premature dying are as follows:
“Whosoever dies would die on time as a result of the time has no void in anyway (time is shifting consistently with out interruption)”. That is what some students say. However this not appropriate. Time having or not having void, each are incorrect. Time has a definite function of its personal which doesn’t admit any void or absence thereof in its definition.
Some others say “Every time one dies, he dies on the appointed hour of dying. Being free from hatred or attachment, time offers equally with all creatures (so dying at all times happens on the predestined second),” this additionally is just distortion of details.
The truth that everyone dies doesn’t show the equality in temporal actions.

Whether it is mentioned that the time when one dies is the time predetermined for this dying, then each motion of life as and when it happens might be taken as pre-determined in respect of time. However this additionally shouldn’t be true. In accordance with this idea all actions ought to occur at a hard and fast and predetermined time. However this won’t occur as a rule. Even virtually we are able to see that premature meals; speech and motion will yield worst outcomes and when the identical are carried out well timed the results will likely be good and fascinating.
One can even observe via direct notion manifestation of assorted elements relying upon their well timed or premature motion. For instance, such and such is the opportune or inopportune time for such and such ailments, meals, ‘drugs, remedy and remission.

Even a layman talks in these phrases, resembling, it rains on time or in any other case; it’s chilly or scorching on time or in any other case; flowers and fruits of the tree have occurred in time of in any other case. So each the issues equally maintain good. Due to this fact, dying happens in time. If there was no premature dying, then the span of each one would have been fastened and due to this fact the data of healthful and unwholesome objects can be of no use in any respect. The supply of information like notion, inference and verbal testimony accepted in all scriptures would stop to be sources of information as a result of all these sources of information clearly show that there are elements that are conducive to longevity and in any other case so the assertion of some Rshis to the impact that premature dying can not happen is confined to phrases solely (and to not details). [28]
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Components liable for upkeep of regular span of life

Within the Kali age the conventional span of life (of human beings) is 100 years. The elements liable for the upkeep (of the conventional span) of life are:

  • Prakrti Sampat i.e. state of stability and excellence of Doshas within the structure of the person
  • Guna Sampat i.e. excellence of the compactness of the physique and excellence of hereditary qualities; and
  • Atmasampt i.e. virtuous acts conducive to longevity. [29-30]
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To sum up:
The next 9 matters are duly mentioned by the nice sage on this chapter on the “Information of the Particulars of the Physique” is conducive to its understanding:

Definition of Sharira (physique) the way in which how it’s troubled resulting in illness and destruction:
Improve or lower of Dhatus
Therapy of poor Dhatus
Components liable for the expansion of physique
Components liable for the digestion and metabolism of meals
Components which assist in the digestion and metabolism of meals
The mode of motion of every of the above talked about elements
Mala (impurities) and Prasada (Pure) kind of Dhatus and numerous queries [31-34]

Thus ends the sixth chapter of Sharira part on “the data of the Particulars of the Physique as conducive to its understanding “of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka. [6]



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