Food and travel by car

Food and travel by car

Traveling by car is probably the best way to start your escape when you want to get away from everyday life at all costs. Due to the long routes we can enjoy the most beautiful scenery and this changing scenery. Marching right before our eyes already helps us escape from our daily routine.

Yes, traveling by car is very good. But long drives can be very tiring. Elevating your body is essential to avoid travel sickness, especially after traveling to stay in shape. It’s best to go on a diet before and after your trip.

So, what to eat before and after a car trip?

What to eat before a long drive?

Before you leave, you need to provide your body with a complete and balanced diet. Give preference to light foods that are not digestible, especially long and tiring for the body. That said, avoid overeating, sauces, salt and excess sugar. Instead, choose raw , lightly cooked vegetables and eat all the seeds . When it comes to protein intake, it is best to eat fish or turkey. Also, eat no more than 30 grams of cheese per day.

Replenish your energy and eat fruits as well, such as kiwi, citrus fruits and strawberries, which are rich in vitamin C. Do not hesitate, do not drink fruit juice without sugar and hydrate yourself. A few feeding rules for the two days before the trip to make the most of the dragon car trip.

Meals to consider while traveling

It is always recommended to take as much vitamin C as possible while traveling by car. Concentrate on the fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C before leaving the food box: cabbage, watercress, tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, kiwis, apples, oranges, blackcurrants. These foods are what we would call a travel essential. Take a bottle of homemade vinaigrette if you need to cut them out. with them.

Meals require more consistent food. If you want to feel more relaxed and lose weight , opt for small sandwiches made with wholegrain bread . Always prefer turkey and fish with a sandwich. Finally, take a craving box of nuts and seeds to munch on a little. You can also put dried fruits in the craving box. Nuts and dried fruits boost energy during the travel process. Also, they are good appetite suppressants.

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