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Northern Australia’s Daintree: Oldest Rain Forest on Earth

Strolling below an emerald cover, you take heed to the sounds of croaking tree frogs enshrouded by mighty basket ferns and catch a flash of coloration from the chattering birds overhead. Big fan palms shade you from the warmth of the solar, and the air is stuffed with the intoxicating smells of jungle flowers. Making your well beyond tangles of tree roots and trailing vines, your curiosity is peaked by a musky rat-kangaroo foraging for fruits and fungi on the forest ground. Persevering with, you come across a silvery waterfall, its cooling mists a welcome respite. This tropical Eden has existed for 165 million years—each sense is woke up as you pay homage to this historic realm. You might be within the Daintree—the oldest lowland rain forest on Earth.

Boyd's Forest Dragon in the Daintree

Boyd’s Forest Dragon, an arboreal agamid lizard discovered within the Moist Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Space, which Daintree Nationwide Park is part of.

The rain forest meets the reef on the coast of the Coral Sea. Right here, two UNESCO World Heritage Websites converge: the Nice Barrier Reef and Daintree Nationwide Park. This pristine space is highlighted on a Nat Hab tour of Australia North: Kakadu, Daintree & the Nice Barrier Reef. Leaving white sand seashores behind, vacationers will ferry throughout the Daintree River, maybe catching a glimpse of a saltwater crocodile, earlier than arriving at a secluded ecolodge within the coronary heart of the plush jungle.

Fan palms in the Daintree Rainforest

Cooling fan palms shield hikers from the solar’s rays within the Daintree Rainforest.


Multi-colored orchids bloom and historic ferns abound within the Daintree Rainforest. A stroll via the verdant jungle evokes a way of being transported via time to the Jurassic and Cretaceous intervals when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. David Attenborough had this line of considering when he described the prehistoric plants right here as ‘Inexperienced Dinosaurs.’ Unique fruits vary from the pink and pear-shaped satinash, eaten by musky rat-kangaroos, to snow ginger and blue quandongs, favored by southern cassowaries. Maybe probably the most well-known species is the fool fruit, one of many planet’s most primitive flowering crops, seen in fossils 88 million years previous. Extremely toxic to all animals, the fool fruits’ solely seed dispersal methodology is gravity. Climbing previous big fronds of king ferns, Nat Hab vacationers will discover the rain forest on guided excursions. There may also be a possibility to go to the Botanical Ark, a conservation-driven ethno-botanical backyard, to find out about rain forest crops that indigenous cultures from greater than 40 international locations use for meals, shelter, drugs, cosmetics, fibers, oils and dyes.

Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo

Lumholtz’s tree kangaroos are a uncommon sight within the rain forest cover.


This distant area is dwelling to a shocking array of biodiversity, accounting for 90% of Australia’s butterfly and bat species and 30% of Australia’s marsupial, frog and reptile species. Lumholtz’s and Bennett’s tree kangaroos are seldom seen, however a fortunate few could spot them munching on leaves within the higher cover. Like these uncommon tree kangaroos, there are a lot of endemic species discovered solely within the Daintree. Bandicoots and long-tailed pygmy possums roam the forest at night time. By day, echidnas search out tasty termites, and endangered southern cassowaries feed on unique fruits—these flightless birds with distinctive blue faces and necks could be traced again to the time of Gondwana. On an early morning boat expedition, nature photographers might be in for a deal with as Nat Hab naturalist guides level out a number of the Daintree’s 430 fowl species, together with beautiful fairywrens, yellow-spotted honeyeaters, golden bowerbirds, kingfishers and birds-of-paradise.

Mossman Gorge, a site of great importance to Aboriginal people.

Mossman Gorge in Daintree Nationwide Park is a website of nice significance to the indigenous Japanese Kuku Yalanji folks.

Aboriginal Homeland

Speeding rivers run via gorges and old-growth rain forests drape the mountainsides for 460 sq. miles in Daintree Nationwide Park. This land is dwelling to the Japanese Kuku Yalanji folks, who’ve lived right here for 50,000 years, and sacred websites are discovered all through the area. Nat Hab vacationers will go to Mossman Gorge, a spot of nice significance, and have the particular alternative to study extra about conventional sustainable dwelling throughout cultural encounters with Aboriginal folks.

A cassowary searches for fallen fruit under the forest canopy.

An endangered cassowary searches for fallen fruit below the forest cover. This keystone species is a seed disperser of greater than 230 tropical crops and is the one fowl able to digesting the toxic cassowary plum.

Feeling able to enterprise into the jungle’s depths? Expertise the wonders of this ‘Paradise Misplaced,’ snorkel the Nice Barrier Reef, and head into the Outback on a Northern Australia tour.



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