Relationship between science and technology

Relationship between science and technology

Science and technology work hand in hand. Many science discoveries have led to amazing inventions that we often use every day.  The invention of the lightbulb, for example, came from Thomas Edison, who was a scientist trying to invent a new type of electric lamp. Yet science and technology also depend on each other. Without science, we would never know to what types of technology we could invent.

This is the conclusion reached by a team of scientists from Harvard University, who published an article about the connection between science and technology in PNAS. In their paper, they summarize many studies that connect science and technology. One example they cite is that the current research in science in the U.S. is primarily funded by the federal government, which has also historically created science-based technology to help maintain its status as a leading science nation. Another example is that scientists often use the latest technological devices for their science work, such as telescopes or genetic testing equipment.

Both science and technology are essential parts of society today. Science is important for understanding the past and figuring out where we might be headed in the future, while technology helps us to get there.

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