Science and technology comparisons

Science and technology comparisons

Science is the study of natural or physical phenomena. Science includes research, which attempts to discover new explanations for phenomena. Science also tries to develop theories that can be tested through experiment. Science gives people the knowledge they need to answer questions like “How did life begin?”, “What makes things move?” and even “What are we?” Science can be divided into branches, such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Science also has sub-branches that focus on specific areas of interest within a main branch.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes through machines or other manmade tools. These tools can either help people do their jobs more easily, safely and efficiently or they can help people live their daily lives. Science is important to technology because science tells us how things are made and why they work the way they do. Science also helps scientists understand climate changes and other natural events, which allows them to find ways for people to protect themselves from these dangers. Science and technology regularly rely on each other to better humanity.

Some people consider science and technology to be the same thing, while others view them as different subjects that work together. Science is all about investigating what already exists, while technology creates new things out of discoveries made by scientists. Science discovers properties of materials, how they are useful, why they behave in certain ways and other intrinsic details about their composition and behavior while technology merely takes this knowledge and applies it to produce useful objects, instruments or processes. Science without technology is useless because it won’t solve any of the world’s problems and technology without science is limiting because it cannot advance and evolve on its own due to the lack of scientific knowledge needed for development.

One example where Science and technology is in action in the Philippines is the Science and Technology in Local Government Units (STLG), consisting of Science and Technology Resource Centers (STRCs) all over the country. These STRCs provides Science and Technology service to the communities that benefits local people such as providing consultancy services to farmers, fisherfolks, teachers and students in Science and Technology. Science and technology centers are only part of the bigger picture..

Different sources at different times have stated that Science is all about discovering how things work while technology is merely about applying what we already know to make life easier, safer or more efficient. Science without technological application is simply theoretical knowledge, but technology without science can never grow beyond what it is. Science and technology can help solve many of the problems that humans face today, which is why Science and technology should not be considered as separate categories but rather different approaches that rely on each other to succeed.

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