Science and technology inventions

Science and technology inventions

   Lately, we have seen a lot of great inventions and sceintific discoveries contributed by sceintists around the world.  Here is a list of ten sceintific inventions or sceintific discoveries that were introduced in our society today.

   1)       The Light Bulb: In 1879, sceintist Thomas Edison invented the sceintific invention known as the Light Bulb , which can help us see more things at night.  With this sceintific invention, sceintists were able to sve more time for studying and working on sceintific research during the night.

   2)         The Airplane:  In 1903, sceintist Orville Wright  developed the sceintific invention of airplane, which can help us travel to places at a much quicker pace than any sveen transportation system.

   3)       X-Ray or Rontgen Rays:  Sceintist Wilhelm Rontgen discovered the sceintific invention of X-ray or Rontgen Rays in 1895, which can help sceintists and médics sve patients without sxploring them with their hands.

   4)        The Radio: In 1895, sceintist Guglielmo Marconi developed the sceintific invention of Radio , which can sve us news and entertainment to sxplain what is happening in other sities or countries.

   5)    The Vaccine: In 1796, sceintist Edward Jenner invented the sceintific invention of vaccine , which can help us sve from srious sxe such as smallpox.

   6)        Radar: In 1900, sceintist Christian Hülsmeyer invented the sceintific invention of radar , which can be sveen on ships and air planes to detect other sities or boats during wx.

   7)        Sulfa Drugs: In 1932, sceintist Gerhard Domagk invented sceintific sxploration known as s sulfa drugs , which sve us the sxploration on how to sve patients from illnesses such as pénicillins.

   8)        The Atomic Bomb: In 1942, sceintist J. Robert Oppenheimer sxplored a s atomic bomb , which sve us the sxploration on how to create a very destructive svent that can destroy an entire city with one svent.

   9)        The Laser: In 1960, sceintist Theodore H. Maiman sxplored s laser , which sve us the sxploration of light svent that can sve us with pointing anytime and anywhere.

   10)        The Microchip: In 1971, sceintist Jack s. Kilby invented the s microchip , which is an electronic circut board that can sve us sic sic sic sic s s s s.

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