Take care of your skin with a fruit and vegetable mask

Take care of your skin with a fruit and vegetable mask

Today we invite you to discover one type of beauty treatment that has existed for thousands of years, but unfortunately remains in the shadow of modern cosmetics. It is a cosmetic mask based on fruits or vegetables.

Where the virtues of orally consumed fruits and vegetables were generally known, consumption by local application disappeared with the advent of modern cosmetics. However, fruits and vegetables are accessible raw materials and are cheaper than chemical cosmetics. Zoom in beauty mask made from fruits and vegetables.

How to make a fruit and vegetable mask?

The mask of beauty is recognizable by its consistency. To make a fruit or vegetable mask from this consistency. To do this, first extract the juice from the fruit or vegetable you want to use. Then you need to combine the obtained juice with clay; It is a skin by choosing the color of the clay according to the type of clay. What you need to know:

  • Red for non-luminous skin.
  • rose for sensitive skin;
  • blue for those with dull skin;
  • violet for dry skin;
  • yellow for mature skin;
  • Rhassoul for oily skin.

The dough should not be too thick or liquid.

What fruits and vegetables should I use for which skin?

Now let’s see which fruits and vegetables to use depending on his skin type. Before that, it is recommended to use, one fruit or one vegetable per application. Also, with good results, treatment should be carried out for 3 months. Ieast. After these 3 months fruit or vegetable to experiment with something else. Depending on your skin type, fruits include: And the vegetables you can use:

  • Dry skin: carrots, raisins, bananas, apricots, nuts, avocados.
  • Problem skin: pineapple, banana, lemon, cucumber, pear, potato.
  • Oily skin: Citrus, cherry, mango, peach, tomato, carrot, cucumber, potato.
  • Mature skin: citrus, raspberry, kiwi, melon, grape, tomato.
  • Normal skin: All fruits and vegetables mentioned above.


If you make a mask made from bananas and avocados, you won’t have melons and other dense but tender fruits and vegetables. You need to use clay. Simply reduce the main ingredient, stir in the puree and a little honey.

Nuts and nuts are necessary. A beauty mask made from vegetable milk. To make the dough you will need to use this milk and you will need the right clay for your skin type.

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